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99.9% THCA Alchemy Crystals

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Ever smoked 99.9% THCA Alchemy crystals?  Look no further, here at Sticky Fingerz we carry the exclusive First Matter Products by Alchemy Brand Crystals.  Dab the Alchemy Crystals on their own or mix them in with something flavorful for the ultimate high.  You can even crush them up and sprinkle them up into a big bad blunt.  The industry is always evolving, and these Alchemy crystals are the next step.


1 Gram for $75 OTD

4 Gram Bucket for $260 OTD

8 Gram Bucket for $440 OTD


1 review for 99.9% THCA Alchemy Crystals

  1. Ty Ty Brown

    Dis dat science shit i cant keep up wit shits crazy yo tho you gotta try it at least once fr fr some straight chemistry lookin shit they promise me its weed. 2 expensive to buy over n over but imma tell ya this that shit gon help ya see Jesus ya fr fr

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