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Explore our Ice Cream Cake 5 Strain

Gelato 33 X Wedding Cake

ice cream cake copy
THC Percentage: 31%
Ice Cream Cake 5 Strain

(Wedding Cake X Gelato 33)

Ice Cream Cake 5 Strain is one of our favorite, in-house grown strains. Testing at 31% with 5% CBD, the gassy, creamy flavor of this sticky cake strain is sure to knock your socks off. Be ready for some delicious, purple nugs, and the complete inability to move from your couch or bed.

  • $16/G
  • $45/8th
  • $75/Q
  • $130/14G
  • $200/OZ

1 review for Explore our Ice Cream Cake 5 Strain

  1. Mike Schaefner

    This strain is the shit those purple nugs always knock me on my ass. Only issue is it sells out fast but they do a good job of trying to kep it on the shelves. If they out of this one go for the Grapefruit Diesel

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