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Red-Headed Stranger

Tom's Hill Haze X William's Wonder

Red Headed Stranger
THC Percentage: 25%

(William’s Wonder X Tom Hill’s Haze)

Red-Headed Stranger is a superb sativa, grown in-house, that pays homage to Willie Nelson’s 1975 album of the same name.  This strain, alongside a sweet and gassy flavor with an earthy undertone, will help with focus and creativity.

  • $13/G
  • $40/8th
  • $65/Q
  • $100/14G
  • $170/OZ


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1 review for Red-Headed Stranger

  1. Ava

    Yooo idk about no red headed stranger but that budtender with the beard he somethin else he on some shit man. Idk whered his hair went but he knows what he doin always nice and talking to me nice being straight up and honest about the buds. He had to answer a phone call during our sale little annoying but all better when he winked at me I know whatsup. I ended up goin with the lemon jeffrey cuz he said it was good, tbh havent even smoked it yet just still thinkin bout that beard and that wink. im into girls but he know something we aint know imma say it…. winkin at me like that n shit. see u next time cutie 😉

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