Witch’s Weed


Witches Weed is a house favorite strain that has an addictive honey sage flavor. Medical patients use this strain to cure aches and pains, and to ease your mind. Bazookies is a kick-ass sativa that combines new and old genetics to produce a soothing yet energy-inducing high. Nugs of this strain will be large, fluffy,…

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(SFV OG Kush X Chem D X Cinderella 99)

Witch’s Weed is a rare, sativa-leaning hybrid that we grow in-house. It has a sweet, sage flavor and terrific, dense nugs. Effects from this strain will be energy and euphoria, as well as mental clarity.

  • $16/G
  • $45/8th
  • $75/Q
  • $130/14G
  • $200/OZ


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