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Written by Bobby Cuomo

Sticky Fingerz has become a Denver destination among cannabis connoisseurs and stank-seaking Colorado weed hunters, looking to snatch some of the dankest locally grown buds in the country. 

Of the 587 registered marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, Sticky Fingerz is one of the very few dispensaries with an actual commercial garden attached to it, which makes this small and locally owned dispensary a hot find and a really cool hidden gem tucked into the diverse residential Cole neighborhood in north Denver.

 What makes Sticky Fingerz a one of a kind attraction is knowing the buds you are purchasing are coming directly from the garden literally right down the hall. It really offers the customer a warm craft brewery vibe. Sticky Fingerz exists in an increasingly competitive world full of Big Cannabis chains and superstores that are clogging up the industry where only 5 companies own almost 20 percent of all dispensaries. So, it’s an intimate tangibility knowing your locally grown buds are being tended to by a full garden staff on-site.  

It’s something the Director of Cultivation, Bobby Cuomo is most proud of.  “When you walk into a bar and know that the beers you’re about to taste are brewed on-site by professionals who work there every single day, it’s a more special connection.  That’s what we are trying to replicate here with cannabis. It’s a personal experience shopping here.” 

Sticky Fingerz nurtures 2,200 cannabis plants daily, and harvests approximately 4,576 plants a year. The garden team has chosen 15 strains that cover the very tastiest of diesels, hazes, kush’s and hash plants.  

Three strains that carry the workload in the 2,200 plant garden are Grapefruit Diesel, Ice Cream Cake and Bazookies. These are three fairly popular strains in Colorado, but the Sticky Fingerz formulaic mix of hydroponics-growing combined with in-house organic solubles, natural oils and a touch of God’s work from Cuomo and his garden team, dreams have been made.  Dare we say, after smoking a spliff of their award winning Grapefruit Diesel, ceilings were shattered. 

Cuomo has been a commercial grower in the industry for the last decade. He’s been the man running the show inside the Sticky Fingerz garden for the last 3 years, and has received endless praise for the organic pesticide-free development of in-house strains. 

“I have been commercially growing for 7 years and no bud quite has the nose or the taste of this specific phenotype of Grapefruit Diesel.  Grows like a rabid weed and has such a cerebral high, it is the most dominant smell on the shelf. It definitely gives Bazookies and Ice Cream Cake who are earth shattering in their own right, a run for their money.”

The Sticky Fingerz dispensary cannot keep their in-house flower on the shelf long enough, which is why keeping the cultivation facilities in tip top shape and contamination-free is Cuomo’s first priority.

Keeping the garden sterile, temperatures correct, humidity on point, nutrients at the precise electrical conductivity, appropriate radiant heat and a whole course of constantly moving parts, makes for some real challenges.  

“To fight off mold growth, bud rot, powdery mildew, spider mites, thrips and any kind of toxicity or deficiency, you gotta be on your game.  Because the guests who are used to the “Sticky standard” will know if I’m slipping.”

Sticky Fingerz creates all of their in-house strains from clone clippings from “mother plants” they keep in their vegetative room where certain moms like Ice Cream Cake can live for years.  One mother plant can populate an indoor facility for generations of harvests. Some facilities rely on third party clone stores for sustaining productivity, but Sticky Fingerz has such healthy mother plants, that they also offer them for purchase in the dispensary.

Sticky Fingerz, while growing cannabis and selling the final product is the bread, trimming and manicuring is the meat that brings the whole sandwich together.  Sticky Fingerz is locally known for having some of the sexiest hand trimmed buds in Denver.  The in-house trim style is guided by Noel Talemantes, who’s boutique standards has him trimming like he is in a barber shop. He gives the freshest of haircuts that trim machines used in most big cannabis trim rooms could never replicate.  “I trim the buds the way I do because I think beauty and presentation is everything. We aren’t a machine here. This is personal to us.”

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