The Best Ways To Store Marijuana: A 2-Part Series – Part 2

Using the right methods to store marijuana is important when you want to make sure that your cannabis stays fresh for as long as possible. As a part of our 2-part series of the best ways to store marijuana, the staff at our cannabis dispensary provides some tips on how to best store varying forms of marijuana.

Storing Marijuana Flower

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Storing Marijuana Flower

In order to keep cannabis flowers fresh and potent, it’s important to protect them from their primary enemies, which include high temperatures, ultraviolet light, air, and high humidity.

One effective way to do this is by storing them in an airtight glass container that either has a dark, opaque color or is kept away from direct light. It’s also important to avoid exposing the container to heat sources such as household appliances and to store it in a cool, dry place. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your cannabis maintains its quality over time.

Storing Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis edibles have different components and ingredients, which can affect their storage and shelf life.

Dark, dry, and cool storage are best for most edibles, and sugar can act as a natural preservative. Hard candies should be kept in a cool and dry place to avoid clumping, while softer edibles like caramels should be individually wrapped before storage. Baked goods, jellied candies, and fudge can quickly lose freshness and moisture when exposed to the air, so tightly wrapping them is essential for freshness and longevity, which can last up to nine months.

Storing Cannabis Wax And Oil

Silicone containers are a great option for storing concentrates such as oils and cannabis wax. They have several benefits over plastic or glass options, including ease of use and easy removal of the concentrate without creating a mess.

Silicone containers can also help keep your concentrates uncontaminated. However, when it comes to storing flowers, it is recommended to use glass jars instead of silicone. This is because glass jars can do a better job of containing the strong scent of cannabis, preventing it from escaping into the surroundings.

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