How to Smoke Weed

Written by Rachel J.

Of course, the other kids were able to do it so naturally. I watched as my friend Tiki took hold of the nub of the carefully rolled joint with his left index finger and thumb, pressed it to his lips, inhaled, swallowed (ummm…did he just swallow the smoke?), and exhaled from his nose. Watching this made me feel even more, you know, …inexperienced and even a bit awkward. I mean, I had to look like I knew what I was doing when the joint came around to me! How awkward would it be if I came out and asked, “So, can you show me how to smoke weed?!” Asked nobody. Ever. (Unless you are reading this post, and perhaps, you are perusing the idea of trying out the latest indica craze…)

Despite what I perceived at my first go around with smoking marijuana, it is, frankly, as painless as breathing. With that, there are many methods to smoking, and, though it may seem overwhelming at first, it all depends on the person. From bongs to blunts and pipes to joints, smoking is more simple than I would have known. In fact, during ancient times they would just huddle inside a tent, throw some weed on top of rocks sitting above smoldering fires, and inhale. That’s it. But, for the sake of other “me’s” out there, let’s take a closer look at some of the popular ways to smoke today. 

  1. Joints

Joints are otherwise known as weed cigarettes in the 420 community and they are the easiest and cheapest method when you are in a dire situation, and my personally favorite style. All you need is reliable hemp or paper based rolling paper, I suggest unbleached and chemical free, and some weed that has been cleared of seeds and stems. You may also want to have a hard surface for rolling it. Once it is set into a cone or ‘hot-dog’ shaped tube, light it up and inhale! For a little added kick, you can add a pinch extra of your favorite tobacco and make it a blunt by rolling it with cigar wrap instead of paper. 

  1. Pipes 

You have probably seen these before. They are what looks like a long tube or spoon with a hollowed out bowl; they were a popular way to smoke tobacco once upon a time. Anyhow, the long tube serves as the mouthpiece, and the hollowed space is where the crushed marijuana is lightly packed. After lighting the bowl, you simply use the end of the mouthpiece to inhale the smoke into your lungs. 

  1. Bongs

This smoking device is a bit different from those presented above. Instead of heating the weed and inhaling the hot smoke, with bongs you use water vapor to cool and filtrate the smoke. They are basically a bowl where gas from the heated water flows up to the top where the mouthpiece is found. Bongs are also commonly used in hookah bars and can have more than one upper port for the cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.

While there seems to be a lot of mystery behind smoking cannabis, it is the experience that makes for a great way to learn. If you are new to this world and you want to get stoned, take your best guess and give one of these methods a try. If all else fails, please don’t be scared to ask. 
Here at Sticky Fingerz Dispensary, we have different levels of experienced users and we can always offer support as well as help you find the best or newest weed smoking flavors and trends. 

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