What You Need to Know About the Popular Sticky Buns Strain

The Sticky Buns strain is a hybrid, balanced strain that begins with an uplifting high that ultimately shifts to a more relaxing, sleepy body buzz. This strain is also popular for pain relief and mental health symptoms, which has quickly propelled it to the top of many shoppers’ wish lists. Here’s what you need to know about the Sticky Buns strain and why it is one of the most popular strains from Sticky Cake.

Sticky Cake Strain

The Sticky Buns strain has become more difficult to get your hands on because of its popularity, but it’s well worth it if you can find it.

There’s no one specific reason why the Sticky Buns strain has become so popular, but it likely has a lot to do with its unique combination of effects. First and foremost, the strain is popular for its ability to provide relief from pain and symptoms of mental health distress. Additionally, the high is uplifting and motivating, making it a great choice for those looking for an energizing strain. Finally, the strain is balanced and relaxing, making it perfect for those looking for a strain that can help them wind down after a long day.

The Mix

The Sticky Buns strain is a hybrid because Gelatti, an Indica-dominant hybrid, is crossed with Kush Mints, a Sativa-dominant strain. Gelatti is known for being heavily relaxing, often used for late evenings or before bed. While Kush Mints is well-known for its delicious mint cookie flavor and euphoric effects.

THC content will vary, but Sticky Buns usually has somewhere from 20% to 22% of THC levels and 1% of CBD content. It is a heavier-hitting strain, meaning it might be best for experienced consumers who are more familiar with its effects and Sticky Cake.

Why Sticky Cake’s Sticky Buns is Easy to Grow But Difficult to Find

The Sticky Buns strain is a hybrid, meaning it is a mix of two different strains. As hybrids are becoming more popular, the supply of this strain has become more difficult to find. Additionally, the Sticky Buns strain is a heavy hitter, meaning that it typically has higher levels of THC and CBD. As a result, the strain is not recommended for new consumers. However, if you are experienced with cannabis, you can grow this strain with relative ease and harvest times are low so you can enjoy it sooner.

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