The Best Ways To Store Marijuana: A 2-Part Series – Part 1

Whether you are a regular or recreational cannabis user, you always want to make sure you store your marijuana in the best way possible. This 2-part blog from Sticky Fingerz will cover tips and tricks on how to store different types of cannabis products. In this part, we outline information on what affects the freshness of marijuana and what containers to avoid storing it in so that you know how to store your cannabis the next time you leave our marijuana dispensary in Denver.

4 Factors That Affect The Quality Of Marijuana

Humidity Levels

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Humidity has a direct effect on the potential deterioration of cannabis, similar to heat. When the humidity is high, moisture can be reintroduced into the cannabis flowers. Conversely, low humidity can cause the leaves to dry out, making the cannabis fragile and brittle.


Cannabis is sensitive to temperature and requires proper storage to maintain its quality. Avoid storing cannabis in excessively hot or cold temperatures as this can cause degradation of its cannabinoids. The ideal temperature for preserving cannabis is around 70°F degrees.


When cannabis is exposed to excessive amounts of oxygen, its cannabinoids can degrade, which can affect its potency and overall quality. Control the oxygen levels in the storage environment to preserve the cannabis for as long as possible.


Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause damage to cannabis by degrading cannabinoids, even though it is not visible to the naked eye.

What To Store Cannabis In

Storing cannabis in a simple glass jar with an airtight, screw-on lid can be very effective in preventing oxidation and maintaining freshness. Choosing one that is resistant to UV light and has a dark color can also help prevent degradation caused by oxygen and light exposure. For long-term storage, a Mason jar is a good option.

What To Avoid When Storing Marijuana

Big Containers

Storing a small amount of marijuana in a large container or jar is not advisable as it can lead to oxidation issues even if the container is airtight. While it’s not recommended to overstuff the container, it’s best to keep the jars at least two-thirds full to reduce the amount of air in the container and minimize the risk of oxidation.


It’s important to avoid storing marijuana in the refrigerator or freezer, even though these places may seem like a good option for keeping it cool and dark. Instead, it’s recommended to store cannabis in a cabinet or drawer, which provides a suitable environment for maintaining its quality.


Whether it’s a plastic bag or a plastic container, avoid storing your marijuana in plastic at all costs as it can cause it to sweat moisture which decreases the quality.

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